Laptop Key Caps: Where to Buy Replacement Laptop Keys


We use laptops for a variety of activities, such as work, leisure, and communication, as they have become a necessary component of our daily life. Unfortunately, occasionally the laptop keyboard’s keys could break or become damaged, making it challenging to utilise the device. It becomes important to change the keyboard’s keycaps in these circumstances. In this essay, we’ll talk about where to buy replacement laptop keys and what to think about before buying.

How to Use Laptop Key Caps

It’s critical to comprehend what key caps are before talking about where to purchase replacement laptop keys. The plastic parts known as key caps are what a laptop uses to cover the keyboard switches. They are in charge of the keys’ actuation and tactile feel. Each key cap is made to fit a particular keyboard switch and comes in a variety of sizes and forms.

Where to Purchase Laptop Replacement Keys

There are various possibilities when it comes to buying replacement laptop keys. Let’s look at some of the preferred options:

1. Website of the manufacturer

The manufacturer’s website is the best location to start your search for new laptop keys. Key caps and other replacement parts are typically sold online by laptop makers. By inputting the model number of the laptop or the part number of the key, you can locate the precise key cap that you require.

2. Internet Stores

A different choice is to purchase new laptop keys from online merchants like Amazon, eBay, and Newegg. These websites offer an extensive selection of key caps for various laptop models. You can look for the key cap you require and contrast prices from other providers.

3. Regional computer shops

Visit nearby computer retailers if you’d prefer to acquire replacement laptop keys in person. The key caps you require may not be available in these shops’ small inventories, but they can order them for you. Also, you can examine the key cap in person before purchasing it.

4. Services for Key Cap Replacement

You can use a key cap replacement service if you don’t feel confident replacing the key cap on your own. The skilled experts who provide these services can change the key cap for you. But, compared to purchasing the key cap on your own, this solution may be more costly.

Considerations Before Purchasing Replacement Laptop Keys

You should take into account the following things before purchasing replacement laptop keys to make sure you get the proper key cap:

1. Laptop design and keyboard configuration

The type of laptop and the keyboard layout should be taken into account first. Keycaps are made to fit particular laptop models and keyboard configurations. For the precise key cap you require, consult the laptop’s handbook or the manufacturer’s website.

2. Key Cap Material

Key caps are available in a variety of materials, including silicone, ABS plastic, and PBT plastic. The most typical material for key caps is ABS plastic, but PBT plastic is more robust and resistant to damage. Flexible silicone key caps offer a plush typing experience.

3. Key Cap Profile

Key caps are also available in a variety of profiles, including OEM, Cherry, and DSA. Cherry key caps have a cylindrical profile, whereas OEM key caps have a curved profile. The key caps of DSA keys are flat. You ought to select a profile that feels natural to you.

4. Key Cap Design and Color

Key caps are available in a variety of hues and patterns, including black, white, and RGB. You can pick a colour and pattern that go with your unique preferences.


If a laptop key is broken or not working properly, replacing the key cap may be an easy and affordable fix. Consider the laptop model, keyboard layout, key cap material, key cap profile, key cap colour, and key cap design when purchasing replacement laptop keys. Replacement laptop keys are available from the manufacturer’s website, internet merchants, neighbourhood computer shops, and key cap replacement services. Making ensuring that the key cap fits your laptop keyboard and offers a comfortable typing experience is crucial.


1. How do I choose the right laptop key replacement?

To identify the precise key cap you require, consult the laptop’s handbook or the manufacturer’s website.

2. Can I change the key caps on my laptop by myself?

Yes, you may change the laptop key caps yourself by utilising a key cap removal tool or the internet instructions.

3. What is the typical cost of a new laptop key cap?

The cost of a replacement laptop key cap varies according to the model of laptop, the type of key cap, and the retailer. An extra key cap typically costs between $5 and $20.

4. How lengthy is the process of changing a laptop key cap?

Depending on the intricacy of the laptop model and the repair procedure, replacing a laptop key cap can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

5. Is it possible to swap out the laptop’s entire keyboard as opposed to just the key caps?

The complete laptop keyboard can be replaced, but doing so can be more expensive than simply changing the key caps. It is advised to only replace the keyboard if several keys are broken or dysfunctional.