What You Should Know About Aurozon

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Aurizon is an oily suspension used to treat otitis externa in dogs. It is not recommended for use in pregnant dogs and it can cause changes in biochemical and hematological parameters. This medication can cause lymphopenia and limited neutrophilia. AURIZON is not recommended for use in breeding animals or pregnant bitches. It must be carefully monitored for the integrity of the tympanic membrane. If vestibular dysfunction occurs, the drug must be stopped immediately.

Aurizon is an oily suspension

Aurizon is a pale yellow oily suspension that contains three active ingredients. The product is 10 G and is not water soluble. The project team has evaluated the effectiveness of default controls and other measures to mitigate the risks associated with this product. In this section, we describe the effects of these controls and the variations among them. In addition, we discuss the exposure limits and application rates for Aurizon. The TEL values for these ingredients are not known at this time.

The hazard classifications for Aurizon are listed in the following table. The product is used for the treatment of otitis externa, a condition of the external ear caused by bacterial or fungal infections. The product is a prescription medicine that only veterinarians can prescribe. For more information, refer to the hazard classifications in Table 4.1. The manufacturer recommends that patients consult their veterinarian to obtain the product.

It is used to treat otitis externa

The use of topical medications such as Aurozon is the standard of care for otitis externala in dogs. The medication is highly effective in reducing otocecal cerumen and breaking up biofilms, which protect bacteria from antibiotic therapy. Frequent reevaluation and follow-up evaluation is recommended to determine the success of treatment. Palpation and otoscopic examination are also helpful in confirming complete resolution.

Otic cytology helps establish the presence of an infection in the external ear canal, which aids in the selection of topical antibiotics. The sample is collected gently from the horizontal canal, avoiding the eardrum. Exudates are smeared onto a slide containing mineral oil. The presence of Staphylococcus psudomonas aeruginosa is the most common rod bacteria.

It is not recommended for dogs

There are two main reasons why Aurizon is not recommended for dogs. The first is because the drug is known to cause arthropathy in immature animals, particularly dogs. It is therefore contraindicated in puppies and dogs in the early stages of growth and in those dogs that are hypersensitive to quinolones. The second is that the drug may increase the risk of liver damage in older dogs.

Aurizon contains marbofloxacin, clotrimazole and dexamethasone acetate. These drugs are used for the treatment of bacteria and fungi in the canine otitis externa. Marbofloxacin and clotrimazole are antibiotics in the imidazole and fluoroquinolone families. They affect bacteria by causing changes in membrane permeability.