What is Geo-Restriction? How can I circumvent it?

Geo Restriction 1

Have you ever accessed an online site or app only to see: “This media is not available in your region.” If so, you live in a location in which media streaming services have restricted access to streaming their content. This has become a common action by media channels as well as famous franchises that provide quality content. However, regardless of whether these websites follow laws regarding copyright and distribution rules, it’s annoying because it gets into the way of enjoying an item of your choice. However, in today’s rapidly-changing technological age there is a way to fix anything and that includes geo-restrictions. VPNs are the way to unlocking your preferred streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, ESPN+, Sky Sports and all channels you’d like. In the overcrowded market of SAS choosing a high-quality VPN isn’t an easy choice. After you’ve test-driven your choice with a solid security protocol together with the option of a trial for free is your first priority. This tutorial will help you solve the questions that are you have in your head regarding the geo-restriction process and how you can circumvent it.Imginn

How Does Geo-restriction Work?

Geo-restriction refers to the practice of limiting access to various streaming channels and media sites by referring to geographic locations. They employ IP monitors to monitor your IP address and see the location of your geographic location, from which you’re logged on, that isn’t compatible with their permissible country, they allow and block your access.

A majority of these methods are based on streaming services for media, WWE channels, gambling sites, as well as sports sites and are governed by legal framework, copyrights, and red paper. These restrictions are typically enforced by streaming services that are popular like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other top-rated channels that follow the copyright licensing process, certain terms and conditions, as well as legal agreements. The streaming websites offer their content to multiple sellers for a certain area. In the end there are great tools to get around the restrictions on content, and in this article, we will explain how to use an VPN and one that is the reliable VPN to use with Netflix in order to stream every one of the thrilling Netflix films and shows that are available in the Netflix restricted regions.

How to Get Around Geo-restrictions?

There are many methods to bypass geo-restrictions, which include the use of a VPN or proxy as well as a TOR browser as well as an intelligent DNS. You can utilize one of these tools to bypass geo-restrictions across the world. Because all of these techniques are designed to hide your IP address, they provide you with a fake IP, they do not reveal where you’re using the service. This is a more in-depth review of the way these tools work to bypass geo-restrictions.

  1. Virtual Private Network

A VPN is a specific software that hides your data on the internet and transmits it via encrypted tunnels that are protected from any intrusive actions. VPNs protect your IP addresses, ensuring that your information remains private. Through routing your web traffic through an VPN server in a different place and allowing access to the desired media streaming websites. To unlock a website with the help of a VPN then you must connect to the server of that country from which the media channel originated. This will alter your IP address to a different IP. For example, if you reside in Spain and wish to stream Netflix USA, a dedicated US server could solve the problem and allow access to the website.

  1. Proxy

A proxy server acts as a intermediary between your Internet with the online media provider providing the content you wish to stream. It gives you access to restricted geo-restricted content when it connects to an international service. If you connect via the proxy server collects the data you need and transmits it to you. In this way you will be able to unblock and browse your preferred media websites no matter the region in which you reside.

  1. TOR Browser

TOR (The Onion Routing) is a safe browser that protects your data using the TOR browser, which is several nodes. Users can use it as the other types of browsers. The nodes of the TOR browser are created to function in conjunction to disguise your browsing activity and keep an untraceable link between your computer and site that you want to visit. This way, when running with a TOR browser, you are able to access any website while remaining anonymous and gain access to blocked websites.

  1. Smart DNS

It is possible to use Smart DNS (Domain Name System) to conceal your IP address and allow access to the content that is restricted to geo-location. When you route your DNS request through a different destination Smart DNS can open avenues for you to access content that is geo-blocked.

A DNS changer has the ability to modify your DNS every time you log in on the server. While Smart DNS is based on the existence of two or more DNS servers. To disguise your geo-location it is possible to use Smart DNS. In order to enable Your Smart DNS open networks settings in your computer and select any two DNS servers closest to your physical area. In this manner, you’ll be able to access and unblock any media website you wish to access at a faster speed.


It’s all wrapped up. You can make use of all the four applications to get around geo-restrictions. By signing up to the best VPNprovider allows you to gain access to all international streaming channels with the most reliable VPN servers. In addition, these methods are secure and safe to protect your online identity and browsing habits.