How to become a morning person

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I’d like to believe that anyone can become a morning person. I know it won’t happen overnight. And I know that it can sometimes mean setting up some new habits but the good thing about it is that you can do it your way and at your own pace. Now I’m somebody who used to despise mornings. And I think it’s because I had my fair share of waking up at 5:00 a.m. to go to school and sometimes commuting two hours in each direction.

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It was pretty dreadful until I learned to fall in love with the process. So in this article, I want to share with you some tips on how I became a morning person. I hope you will find something helpful in it.

Tips on how to become a morning person:

I always knew I needed to get more sleep because we hear that all the time. But I was a night owl. So, I just didn’t do it. And then one day I read a paper that was published that had said that a moderately sleep-deprived body can act similarly to an intoxicated one. And that’s when I realized I needed to change up my routine. So instead of relying on willpower to help me get to bed sooner, I did what I often do which was to identify my why power, and I did this in three words which were wanting warnings that were gonna be more peaceful, nourishing, and productive.

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It was this change in mindset that helped me catch a little bit of extra sleep each night. A quote I love is by Benjamin Franklin when he said early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise. But shifting my bedtime back by two or three hours felt like too drastic a transition. If you’ve been following pickup limes then you know my philosophy take it slow and steady. So I found it helpful to move the time I slept and the time I woke up by just 15-minute increments every few days making the change gradual. So my body could adjust avoiding and eventually disabling.

Set your alarm:

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The snooze option was not easy at first but so worth it in the end. Because you know what they say you snooze you lose. I found two things that helped to put my phone across the room and change my alarm. And I changed the more startling beep alarm to a pleasant tune. I wanted to wake up right now, it’s set to the pleasant and peaceful piano music of Ludovico Einaudi. This is the best initial step to become a morning person.

Listen audible-books:

I feel the start of my day sets the stage for how the rest of my day will be. And if you remember I mentioned that I wanted mornings that were peaceful nourishing and productive. And one thing that I’ve been using for a very long time to fuel this feeling of productivity in the mornings is audible books. This is very helpful to become a morning person.

Darren Hardy book the compound effect

Now in the past, I mentioned that I listen to audiobooks often in the morning when I’m exercising. But if I’ve chosen to skip exercise on a particular morning then I’ll just set it to play while I’m getting my tea or breakfast ready. I’m currently real listening – to a very motivational book titled at the compound effect by Darren Hardy.

Why you should use audible-books

I’ve been using audible for years. They make getting books into my life so much more tangible. If you feel this could add value to your mornings or your commute then visit you’ll get health articles and numerous healthy tips of your choice for free. Because so many of you have asked about their major health issues, especially how to become a morning person.

Read motivational articles:

I’ve created a list of motivational and productive ones for you on the website. So I feel there is no better way to express himself, and love, than by enjoying a nourishing meal. I’m convinced one reason I go to sleep so easily is that it’s a time machine to breakfast.

Reserve your time with making a quick meal:

Now to save time you can always put together a part of your breakfast ahead of time, like batch making granola on the weekends for quick parfaits or cereal bowls soaking steel-cut oats the night before for a quick porridge that cooks while you get ready or freezing some fruits or maybe veggies to make quick and wholesome smoothie bowls topped with nuts seeds granola and more fresh fruit.

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It doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming, just nourishing and something you enjoy so much. It’s worth waking up for I reserve some time in the morning for me a little gift to myself when the world is still quiet and peaceful. I also like to think of it as a bonus for the extra nine minutes I gained for not pressing the snooze button earlier. This is what I like to enjoy my cup of tea or take a stretch or maybe review my intentions that were set the night before.

Pay some attention to the next day before evening:

Now let’s fast forward a bit and pay some attention to the critical roles that evening play in setting us up to become a morning person. Now the evening before I like to take just five minutes to set some intentions for the next day. Somehow knowing what I’m gonna be looking forward to helping set me up for an early rise and ensures a more productive morning and rest of the day.

Do some healthy activities using Instagram:

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I’ve noticed that when I skip this, I’m more easily surrender to the allure of the bed as a way to avoid having to figure out what I need to do or what needs to get done. And I also want to include I’m genuinely looking forward to it can be photographing a recipe for the vlog and sharing a video on Instagram.

Make yourself exciting to become a morning person:

This is all to make the idea of the next day so exciting. It’ll make me want to get out of bed in the morning. I also like to set myself up to hit the ground running. For example, getting my clothes ready the night before and setting them out to eliminate decision fatigue. When I might be feeling groggy in the morning, I’ll also try to prepare anything. I can make the morning feel more peaceful and less rushed.

Remember your morning routine and apply on yourself:

So all I have to do is give it a flick come morning. And now we repeat my routine. I find if my routine stays generally the same I look forward to waking up that much more simply. Because I know what to expect. I know it’s my time. A time that consists of practices that energize and inspire me a routine, that helps me ensure my mornings are peaceful, nourishing, and productive.


Now I hope it goes without saying, I would never expect you to do all these things was just a summary of how I’ve come to love being a morning person. The question is what routine do you feel would help to set you up for an early rise. Do you have any tips or recommendations of your own to share? Let us know in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful in any way go ahead and give it a thumbs up.