How do you become an air hostess?



An Air Hostess is also known by the names of a cabin crew member and a commercial flight attendant. It is responsible for providing comfort and safety to passengers on commercial and military aircraft as well as commercial flights. To fully appreciate what it takes to be an Air Hostess on a flight, it is important to become familiar with the duties. If you’re interested in a career as an Air Hostess, this is the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about how to become an Air Hostess. This includes information on training programs and costs, pay, criteria and certifications.

Academic Qualifications

Admission Examination Merit-based admission/AIAEE/NCHMCT JEE/AEEE 10+2 with a Certificate in Hospitality Crew Training (for certain universities)


Communication skills, problem solving abilities, and ethics are all important.

Age range 18 to 26

Minimum height: 5’2″ to 6’6″

5 lakhs per year salary

India’s Air Hostess Schools

Pacific Airways, Indira Gandhi Institute of Aviation (IGIA), Universal Aviation Academy and Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training

How to be a flight attendant

Candidates can choose from three career options.

You can enroll in an air hostess program after 12th grade and pursue a career as an air hostess.

Completion of your education, work experience, and job application.

Many air hostesses are hired based on their capabilities and abilities. A written test and a question-and-answer session are part of the selection process.

These are the most important prerequisites to becoming an Indian Air Hostess:

To work as an air hostess, you must have completed 10+2 or an equivalent degree from an accredited university.

It is possible to have basic computing and arithmetic skills that are extremely useful.

Strong proficiency in English and understanding of foreign languages is a plus.

The applicant must complete a 3-to 6-week education course at the central location of the airline.

After you have completed the training course, it is possible to apply for accreditation or a license from an authorized authority that regulates civil aviation in your country.

How can you go from 12th grade to becoming an air hostess after your 12th grade?

You must immediately apply to an aviation training institution with a basic certificate from a recognized institution after you have graduated from high school.

These are the top aviation training colleges that can provide you with the right qualifications

Pacific Airways

Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training

Aptima Air Hostess Academy

Livewel Academy

PTC- Aviation Academy

Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, (IGIA).

Universal Aviation Academy (UAA

Pacific Airways

You may need to pass a written exam as well as an interview stage in order to become an Air Hostess at these Indian universities.

We have listed below the top colleges and universities that offer training programs for airline staff around the globe.

Glendale Community College, a public college in Glendale, California is Glendale Community College.

Technical School in Baltimore County

Moraine Valley Community College

Technical College of Gwinnett

Orange Coast University

University of Ball State

University of Liberty

International Academy of Aviation and Hospitality

Characteristics of Air Hostess

Although being an Air Hostess can be very taxing, you will also have the opportunity to travel to many new places. After completing a bachelor’s degree, professional accreditation may help you to launch your career as an Air Hostess. These are the most popular classes for air hostesses.

Flight Attendant:

They demonstrate the use of emergency and disaster procedures in an aircraft to ensure passenger safety.

Cabin Crew

The cabin crew is responsible for providing assistance, security and pleasure to passengers in short-pull and long stretch aircraft.

The ground crew looks after customers before, during, and after flights.

Sky marshals are a combination of a privacy law authority and a counter-fear-based oppressor professional who work on commercial aircraft to prevent terrorist incidents.

How to get a job as an air hostess after 10th grade

People often ask if they can study to become air hostesses after 10th grade. This is false! For employment as an Air Hostess/Flight Steward, a 10+2 diploma in any branch of Science, Commerce or Arts with English as a topic is a minimum requirement. Minimum academic qualifications are a 10+2 diploma. Ground crew are responsible for looking after customers before, during, and after flights.