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Dad and Buried The anti parent parenting Blog

The anti-parent movement has been gaining ground for a while, but it hasn’t received much media attention up until recently, according to the phrase “Dad and buried.”

One of the most difficult challenges for new parents is deciding what to do and what not to do when raising children. Thankfully, as a parent, you have the right to choose which advice you heed. But doing so necessitates devoting hours of research to specific issues and subjects that you might not have even been aware existed before having kids.

That’s where we can help! This parenting blog has spent years researching every aspect of parenting to determine the right and wrong methods for doing things.

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Dad and Buried dad blogger Mike Julianelle With His Son

Blogger Mike Julianelle asserts that his blog is anti-parental. He uses it to relieve his anger toward parents, the media, and “parenting gurus” who don’t get the challenges of motherhood. Even though Julianelle acknowledges that fatherhood is challenging, he can still be “authentic to himself” and stay away from parenting blunders.

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A thirty-something Brooklynite named Mike is the subject of this blog. He recently relocated to North Carolina with his wife. And now he is grumbling about his new duties. His blog serves as a fatherhood journal. Mike Julianelle will have a perfect child in years and be a parenting pro. Likewise, Mike’s blog is quite funny.

Even though Julianelle argues that his site is anti-parent, it is nevertheless a fun place for parents and kids to visit. He makes efforts to be as genuine as he can be while keeping things family-friendly. Even though it’s not always easy to raise kids, he thinks that most parents will find humor in his posts. For the past two years, Julianelle has been a stay-at-home mother. He also works as a freelance writer and maintains several active social media profiles.

Do you feel like a good parent or a bad parent?

Do you ever think you’re the only deserving parent there is? You act like everyone else is a hot mess while you’re just trying to stay afloat, right? You’re not alone, after all. There are many more parents out there who share your sentiments.

Dad and Buried: It is a blog written by dads. It is anti-parental and has the deep purpose of making you laugh so hard that you spit up your pants. Besides apologies, common sense counsel, or tweens, it is written in classic dad fashion. In fact, they only provide advice on how to survive life as a parent while also criticizing every parenting fad they can think of it.

Humour is easy: Dad and Buried Parent Blog

Dad and Buried Parenting is difficult, but it is made a lot easier when you can laugh at yourself. Dad and Buried fill that gap. From the witty headlines to the humorous entries, this parenting site is hilarious. And it’s not just for parents; this blog will make anyone who has ever been around children smile.

Even the most terrible dad jokes may be amusing! We can’t think of a better way to unwind following a demanding day with our children than by reading some blog postings. Here are five of our all-time favorite Dad and Buried pieces.

We Value Your Narratives, Dad and Buried

At Dad and Buried, we are aware that every parent has a special tale to share. We’d like to hear it too! We want to know about your views as a parent or a stay-at-home parent. Every parent’s voice is important to us, and we are dedicated to amplifying it.

So please tell us your tales! Post them on our site, social media, in your area, or wherever else you believe someone can benefit from an Anti-Parent Parent’s encouragement. Your experience can give parents who feel alone and alone hope. It can provide direction for new parents who are having trouble figuring things out.

Why did you start this? Dad and Buried

So I was tired of witnessing all the portrait families. I established Dad and Buried. You know the type; they are consistently smiling, joyful, and well-groomed. I think, Screw that noise. I want to show other parents that they are not alone in their struggles because my life is messy, hectic, and at that time downright challenging. Everybody is struggling, and we’re all just trying our best.

What about cruel individuals, though?

Parents least of are not flawless. It follows that it is not surprising that humans occasionally have a mean streak. Perhaps we’re worn out, under pressure, or simply having a lousy day. But sometimes, we speak or act in inappropriate ways. And Dad and Buried come into play here. This parenting blog is for those who aren’t scared to own their shortcomings.

We’re here to reassure you that occasionally being a little cruel is acceptable. We are all human, after all. And don’t worry, we’ll show you how to stop being so rude too. Great, isn’t that right? It is! Unless perhaps you have a temper.

How can I judge if I can put my trust in you guys?

The Best way to evaluate someone, in my perspective, is by their deeds rather than their words. In light of this, I’ll share my frank, uncut opinions on parenting, including the good, the terrible, and the ugly. By being truthful and open, I hope to win your trust. However, only time will tell in the end. This blog is titled Dad and Buried because, as we all know, things can change quickly. One minute you’re up, and the next, you’re down. There will always be a time when you make a mistake as a parent, no matter how careful you are.

But it’s vital for me (and perhaps for you) to know that just because we mess up or make blunders along the path doesn’t mean we’re failures. Sometimes all our children need is for us to keep trying so they may learn to do the same.

In other words, do not give up on yourself or your child until you’ve given them every opportunity.

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