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Academic time is the golden phase of everyone’s life. During the academic life, students get the opportunity to learn subjects and skills and enjoy a lot with their friends. But, another phase of a student’s life is full of academic burdens. They are given numerous tasks throughout the academic session. Sometimes this burden gets too high. To avoid this troublesome work, many students make excuses to their teacher for not doing the assignment or homework on time. Sometimes teachers get annoyed with their explanations and punish them. 

By getting support with online assignment help, students can stop doing excuses to their professor and complete their assignments or homework successfully within the given time.

In this blog, we will cover some excuses given by the students to their teacher

Didn’t Understand the Assignment

It is the most common excuse given by the students. Making this excuse at the first time can be helpful to the students. If you didn’t do your assignment, you can convince your teacher by saying that you forget to take a notebook in hurry. Teachers may believe in this excuse but do not use this again and again.

I was Sick

Another most common excuse for not completing the homework within the given time is sickness. Many students make give the excuse that they are sick so they cannot complete the homework. It may help students to get sympathy from the teachers.    

Someone Stole My Homework

You can make this excuse to avoid the teacher’s scolding. You can use this excuse of stealing homework when your work is not completed. They will allow you to complete the homework on next day. However, you will get more time to complete homework.

Give the Excuse of Absent

Students often make excuses for being absent in school when their homework is not completed. You can tell them that you are absent on that day when the homework was given. It may help you but only when your teacher does not notice your attendance. You may get some more time to complete homework.  

Not Get Time Due To Engaging in Extra-Curricular

Everyone knows students have a lot of tasks from sports practice to attending several hours of lectures. They have a full night-packed schedule. They do not get time to do their homework and it cannot be completed in ten minutes. It can be a reason or excuse for not doing the homework.  

Family Pet Ate My Homework

It is also the most prevalent excuse given by the students to their teacher. Students use pets to save themselves from not doing the work from their teachers. They tell that their pet ate their homework. Although teacher does not believe such type of excuses can be helpful for them.

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