7 Marketing Strategies Used by Apple That You Can Use for Your Business


You’ve likely heard that Steve Jobs was quite the genius when it came to marketing strategies. And the marketing strategies that Apple company used already been copied by other companies who want their brands to be just as recognizable as Apple. You can use these seven marketing strategies used by Apple to promote your business in much the same way. Making it easier for customers to remember you and enticing them to choose your product over others.

Apple's brand marketing strategies

7 Marketing Strategies Used by Apple

Strategy 1: Inspire and Engage
Customers must fall in love with your brand and products. Otherwise, you will struggle to get them to spend money on you. In order to achieve customer love, your marketing strategy needs to be engaging. Have an aesthetic edge or a voice that makes customers feel like they want to buy from you over everyone else. Finding your voice is key here.

Strategy 2: Be Unique But Familiar
When it comes to marketing, less is more. Consumers are bombarded with sales messages all day long and are very savvy when it comes to detecting marketing gimmicks. Look at Apple products – they look very different from what’s already on store shelves, but they still feel familiar.

This familiarity can be explained in two ways:

  • People have been trained that computers should have big screens and keyboards (they are used to it),
  • The Apple products don’t look so different that you can’t figure out how to use them. By having a unique product or service that feels familiar, you give your potential customers an easy way to decide whether or not they want to buy your product.
best marketing strategies used by apple company

Think about Starbucks – everyone knows what a Starbucks looks like, even if they haven’t actually been inside one before. They know there will be coffee beans, baristas wearing green aprons, and probably some type of music playing in the background. All of these things make Starbucks seem like a comfortable place where people go to relax and enjoy themselves. Consumers aren’t surprised when they walk into a Starbucks; instead, they feel welcomed and comfortable because everything seems just as it should be!

Strategy 3: Build an Outstanding Brand
Apple’s brand marketing strategy is based on promoting a product that offers insanely great user experience, as well as stylish designs. In fact, one of Apple’s most popular ad campaigns featured not-so-subtle digs at Microsoft and other computer manufacturers who offer products with more memory, bigger hard drives and bulkier designs. While these aspects may be useful for some buyers. For others it can mean weighing down their bag or sacrificing aesthetics.

Strategy 4: Create a Compelling Product Experience
Whether we’re talking about an iPad, a car, or a restaurant, everything you do has to contribute to creating a great product experience. One of my favourite sayings is: Your advertising can only be as good as your product. When you focus on offering an amazing experience from start to finish—from how your products are made and packaged to how people purchase them. Customers will continue to come back for more.

Strategy 5: Engage Through Technology
Technology has become a huge part of our lives, and it can also be one of your biggest assets in helping you market your business. Consider using hashtags or designating a social media team to engage with potential customers online. Giving away discount codes on Twitter or Facebook is a great way to drive engagement with your target audience while increasing brand awareness. On top of all that, it’s much easier than cold calling and more affordable than reaching out via snail mail.

Strategy 6: Create Buzz Before Your Launch
One of the best marketing strategies used by Apple is to grow hype around a new product is to create a buzz before your launch. Think of it as an advanced form of marketing. Apple does this very well when it launches its new products. For example, during past product launches, iPhone consumers camped out overnight just to get their hands on a phone that had not even been released yet! This type of hype creates an expectation and desire in potential buyers’ minds before they have even experienced or tested out your product or service. How can you do that? By developing an expert presence online with blogs, press releases, social media, videos and more. You must keep your target audience informed about what you’re working on so they know when you’re ready for them.

Strategy 7: Go Big on Launch Day
Launching a new product or service can be risky, but one of your most powerful marketing tools. And best bets for earning media attention—is an exciting launch event. Ask your customers to line up around the block on opening day. Use music and bright lights, and maybe even hand out free samples. The next time you introduce a new product or service, think about going big with your marketing strategy.

What could you do that would really make people take notice? How could you wow them? Is there any way you could have a physical launch party where everyone comes together at once? If not, how else could you gather everyone in real life to learn about what you’re doing? Don’t be afraid to go big with your marketing strategies when launching something new!