7 Finest Online Tools or Apps to Write Notes

best app for writing tools

According to (bestassignmentwriter, 2020), we live in the digital world. Gone are the days when one has to look for a pen and paper to write what he thinks or hears. The manual world is shifted to the digital world. The students have changed their mode of conduct. They do not have to write their assignments on their own. They can avail services from hire any assignment services

Many students encounter many difficulties in their assignments. They can contact from buy assignment to overcome all the issues they face. Thus the mode of conduct has changed. Everyone does not possess a pen and paper to write on instead, they have an electronic device all the time. Therefore, using the finest online apps to write notes is necessary. There are many online apps to write the things you go through in your daily life. According to (Ventola, 2014), the best apps for writing notes are the following.

1.     Simplenote:

Simplenote is one of the best apps to write notes. The user can categorize the work using tags. The tags make it easier for the user to organize and find the work. Thus the tool provides the easiest way to save the notes. Apart from it, the user can do formatting easily. The app is quite easy to use for users. It does not require any kind of registration process while editing.

Therefore, the user can do the operations without any kind of difficulty. There is only one tag functionality in the app which is a disadvantage for the users.

2.     Standard Notes:

A standard note is an open-source app. The users can use it to write notes. The app is suitable to compose all kinds of notes, code, and Markdown. It is quite lighter and simple as compared to other notes. Apart from it, the app is 100% secure and private. It can store large amounts of data. It has many disadvantages as well such as a monthly subscription. The user has to pay the amount for the advanced features.

The app is not able to make corrections within the text that the user generally inputs. The app is incompatible with mobile devices.

3.     Apple Notes:

The user can capture the ideas at any moment through Apple Notes. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iMac, and iPad. The user can drag and drop the content as well as pictures according to their needs and desires. The app contains a variety of features such as Checklist options, subfolders, shared folders, Gallery View, and much more.

Apart from it, the Apple Notes is ideal for the iPad, iPhone, and iMac.

4.     Bear:

Bear is a flexible note-taking app. It supports Markdown which enables it to write the content much faster. The app is only compatible with Mac and iOS. The user can use hashtags to organize their work. It is the best app for online writers.

It has many advantages such as a graphical user interface which is easy to use for the users.  The app is inexpensive as well as good for exporting and importing notes.

5.     Ulysses:

Ulysses can convert the notes into articles and blogs. The users can arrange their notes into folders which make it easier for them to find out. Ulysses supports different kinds of writing styles. The app is only compatible with iOS users. Its subscription is expensive.

6.     Roam Research:

Roam Research is an app that the students use mostly. The students use it for research and academic purposes. They can store the information in the form of index cards. The app allows multi-user collaboration in real-time. It constitutes third-party integrations. The app is glitched sometimes which is a risk to the privacy of the users.

7.     Typora:

Typora is a unique tool for writing notes. It helps the users to create organized notes. The app has an HTML editor which makes it easier for the user to write their text with less effort. The user can make a table of contents that keep track of all the headlines, subheadings, titles, and outline.


Note writing is essential for everyone in the recent era. Therefore, the user must opt for the finest online tools which provide benefits for them. The online note-writing tools discussed can cope with all the requirements of the users. These tools save time and provide maximum output.


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