3 easy ways to retrieve deleted folders from MS Outlook

Recover Outlook Emails

A deleted folders in Outlook is easily restored with the help of Regain PST repair software! It is an Outlook Recovery tool will restore the attributes deleted from an Outlook folders in just a few steps.

We all know that Outlook is a viable tools for managing email to a lot of users all over the globe. The program has features such as reminders, calendars as well as other personal utility tools make it an extremely useful platform. What happens if, for instance, you’ve deleted an entire folder from Outlook?

recover deleted folders from ms outlook

Most cases of removal of Outlook folders can be attributed to either deliberate or accidental deletions of files. In the section below, let us learn about how to restore deleted folders from MS Outlook.

This article will provide easy-to-follow methods and solutions to retrieve deleted folders from Outlook easily. In the following section, you will be taught the three simple methods for retrieving the deleted folder in Outlook.

How do I recover deleted folders in Outlook?

Below are three most effective methods to resolve the issue. You will quickly be able retrieve deleted folders from your outlook using the following methods.

  • Retrieve lost Outlook folders from Trash
  • Retrieve deleted Outlook folder using Server
  • Retrieve Deleted Outlook folder by using Regain Outlook PST Recovery
Causes the deletion of folders in MS Outlook
  1. Accidental deletion
  2. Due to the absence of storage space
  3. Spam Emails
  4. Personal preference

If you’ve experienced any of the above scenarios, follow the steps listed in the next section to easily recover deleted folders within Outlook

Find lost Outlook folders by removing them from Trash

Warning: Before attempting to apply the following method be aware that this method can only be used in the event that you haven’t emptied your trash folder within Outlook

  • In MS Outlook, go to the list of your email folders, and then select the “Deleted Items” or “Trash” folder.
  • You can recover the messages/calendars/contacts/tasks by right-clicking and then choosing “Move” > “Other Folder” > “Inbox” or other corresponding folders in Outlook, at last click “OK”.

It will be impossible to restore the deleted folder within Outlook when it has escaped the Trash. If this method is not able to solve this issue, then suggest you try the following method.

Restore deleted folders from Outlook via the server

  • In Outlook open the email folders Click “Deleted items”.
  • Select Home Then select “Recover deleted items from the server“. After that, Microsoft will recover permanently deleted emails from their Exchange server and show them to you to view.

Note: The above method can be used to retrieve the PST file from the server. However but it doesn’t allow recovering deleted outlook items. We suggest you use an efficient recovery program to recover deleted folders from Outlook

Recover deleted folders in Outlook by using Regain Outlook PST Repair tool

Regain PST Repair Tool is quick to recover deleted folders within Outlook that was deleted accidentally. The tool will recover the deleted folder and the entire contents, such as calendar items, emails journals, address book, RSS feeds, contacts and many more.

The Outlook Recovery tool retrieves deleted folders with no damage to the data within it. Additionally, it fixes Outlook files which are damaged or corrupted.

Methods to Retrieve Outlook Folder Deleted

  • Download the Regain Outlook PST Repair tool by clicking the Download Now button.
  • Install the program on your system and start it.
  • Then, choose the appropriate scanning option.
  • Click on the Repair option to begin the repair process.

There are many unforeseeable scenarios in which an PST file might become damaged. Regain Outlook  Repair tool in these situations to quickly fix and restore damaged PST file. It can also repair encrypted or password protected PST files. It scans the corrupted file, extracts the contents, and then creates healthy files by fixing the issue. This means that the original PST file is not altered it’s all Outlook attributes remain intact.

Compatible Outlook Versions: Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool is compatible with these Outlook versions: Outlook 2003 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 , and 2019

Take care to ensure that you’ve closed MS Outlook before performing recovery. Because during the recovery process, if download any of your outgoing and incoming emails, it could delete your deleted emails that can result in data loss.